Why to attend

Athens Cannabis Expo is taking place in Greece for the third time after last two years’ success. This reason on its own is a great opportunity for discovering and gaining an overview of the continuously growing cannabis market and industry in the country.

As long as cannabis is concerned, Greece is a completely new market and provides many business opportunities.

Οn 30 June 2017, the Prime Minister announced the legalization of import and usage of medical cannabis in Greece.

It is also legal to cultivate cannabis for industrial use in Greece.

You will meet other retailers who you can lean on, learn from and possibly gain business that you would not have had the chance to meet had you not attended Athens Cannabis Expo 2020.

You will have the chance to compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and investment conditions.

You can evaluate your competitors and make new business strategic alliances.

Also, you can keep in touch with your existing business partners.

You will have the opportunity to make new business contacts.

Athens Cannabis Expo 2020 will get media coverage so you should be prepared to promote your business through all the promotional channels such as social media, printed press, radio or nationwide TV stations.

By doing all the above you have created a positive impression for your company. This will lead to larger brand awareness, bigger interest for your business and of course it will increase your sales.

Please contact us at info@athenscannabisexpo.com to send you the exhibitor’s pack.